"I said ladies. I know there are many women in the world, but there really are just a handful of ladies. It time to set something straight. A man really deals with more pain and rejection than a woman will ever know. Why would I say that? The fact is a man does not always express his emotions in the manner you expect him to. Just because, he's not hollering, shouting, and acting a fool about what happened does not mean he is not in pain. However, a lot of women think when I say that a man is the king of his castle that it has something to do with being the boss or the authority over his woman's every decision. If you think in that narrow minded way, you're wrong. Like I said before, he deals with racial, hate, work, school, other women's opinions, other men's opinions, religion, problems his friend's involve him into, the traffic on the way home, a bad day at work, (if he has kids) all the pressures of fatherhood or the issues of seeing his kids, all before he puts his key in the front door. The last place he should have hell to pay is in his own home."

- Melvin L. Williams


Melvin L. Williams