"A Pinch of Salt: On the Edge of Apprehension" is an incredible and intense work from the brilliant mind of M.L. Williams. It speaks not only to those fans of Science Fiction but also dramatics and those who enjoy mysterious fiction. The book is all set to hit the shelves on May 3, 2021, to honor Mental Health Awareness Month and spark conversation around it."

The history of fiction books dates back to the 11th century when a Japanese woman authored the first-ever novel. After centuries, the practice continues, and creative minds have been blessing bookworms with engaging and thought provoking stories. In a world dominated by social media and people's inclination towards consuming quick content, the habit of reading books is on the decline. According to research, almost 27% of the American population doesn't read books at all, even though reading books has incredible physical and mental health benefits. Bibliotherapy, which means "reading books," is a real phenomenon that benefits individuals with mental health difficulties. Generally, reading books strengthen the brain, prevents cognitive decline, and alleviate stress. Fiction is the most popular genre with added perks, helps readers be empathetic, cultivate social skills and aid in enhancing mental health.

Legislators are also making efforts to improve mental health protection through law for all walks of life. In 1996 the Mental Health Parity Act came into effect that bound insurers to cover mental health care to increase treatment scope. Some recent developments like the proposed H.R. 67: Veteran Overmedication and Suicide Prevention Act of 2021 and H.R. 128: RAISE Act of 2021 are also in the earlier stages of the legislative process. Despite all these progressive efforts in this contemporary world, stigma around mental health is still prevalent, but with collective efforts a lot can change. Therefore May is celebrated as Mental Health Awareness Month to diminish the stigma around mental health problems and support people experiencing them. M.L Williams has something planned for it this year.

Melvin L. Williams is a new inspirational writer and poet born in LA and raised in Beaumont, Texas. This bright, creative gentleman with a great zest for life was always passionate about helping people, and he chose poetry and creative writing to fulfill his artistic needs and accomplish that goal. After writing poetry for magazines and different short stories, the author is all set to release a full-fledge book on May 3, 2021, titled "A Pinch of Salt: On the Edge of Apprehension".The author chose to release his work in May to recognize Mental Health Awareness Month and has also written the theme song of the book "Letting Go," related to the emotional challenges faced for accepting change. The music is available for free on Sound Cloud and Spotify. When asked to talk about his passion for mental health awareness and to select release date of this book during the month that honors the cause, he said.

"I wish to open conversations about the importance of mental health training programs and awareness to civil, political, and faith-based organizations. Many attempts to change perceptions, laws, and common practices against mental illness have fallen into empty promises. I want to donate my music to everyone next or upcoming campaign dedicated to mental health awareness."

The fictional story revolves around "Micheal Gallen," inspired by his great uncle's stories, a prophetic healer with mysterious practices. The protagonist then devoted his life to studying medicine to explore options from different medical branches to curate the best methods in the hope of curing chronic disorders. As the Herb Doctor ventures further into his career, he explores the world of holistic health and finds himself encountering many strange and complex cases. Five of his most challenging clients and their stories are the subject of this fascinating novel.



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